Business areas

Business areas

Proactive leasing
A proactive and tailored service to property owners. We navigate clients through the entire process; optimising assets, overseeing marketing efforts, identifying potential target tenants, handling viewings and facilitating negotiations on behalf of clients. Operating in close collaboration with our clients, we deliver a holistic and comprehensive service catering to both commercial landlords and tenants.
Focus on the value-add
In today’s environment, property owners are dealing with significant challenges; from digital disruption, increased amount of data, higher tenants’ expectations to regulatory requirements. Often, the two fundamental pillars of the business don’t receive adequate attention; increased NOI and tenant satisfaction. Our ambitious team is dedicated to support your portfolio strategy, prioritising the value-add and providing insightful yet accessible data analysis to support informed decision-making.

In today’s real estate landscape, transactions have become more complex due to heightened competition, evolving conditions of use, and the necessity of optimised financing solutions. Given this challenging environment, thorough pre-work is essential to mitigate uncertainties as well as identifying potential risk factors.

Our advisory services are designed for efficiency and the facilitation of well-informed decision-making:

  • Buy-side deal support advisory
  • Local knowledge on deal origination
  • Independent support and review on financing and financial derivatives procurement
  • Transparent and efficient project management

Through our up-to-date network, we make direct and discreet approaches to potentially interested parties, supporting them throughout the entire process.

Adapting to a dynamic business landscape, the industry is reevaluating its real estate portfolios’ and operational frameworks to optimise capital allocation and footprints. This strategic adjustment empowers organisations to streamline operations, boost sales revenues, and enhance overall productivity, ultimately facilitating better business decisions.

At Carousel, we specialize in delivering comprehensive real estate strategy and transformation service. We guide our clients through every phase of the real estate life cycle, from initial strategy development to final execution.

  • Review and improve service levels
  • Improve real estate operating model(s)
  • Independent review of strategy and risk allocation
  • Digital transformation and governance
  • ESG footprint review and reporting